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Feasibility Studies:

Understanding the development value of a site.

We get asked many times by developers and agents to analyse sites for development and help them understand their value. The usual questions are: How many units can I get on this site? How much money is this site worth?  Is there any profit in this development? Through informed desktop analysis, research and the help of our partnering consultants, we are able to provide a quick feasibility plan, showing the footprints of proposed buildings and giving an indication of the residential mix. Furthermore, our Senior Surveyor, John Parker, who is also a very experienced Registered Valuer, can provide a financial appraisal showing, amongst other things, the three key development figures: land value, construction costs and profit. We are able to offer free consultation on a very basic-standard model. However, more accurate and complex appraisals can be also be provided at reasonable fees. Pre-Application enquiries and outline planning applications can also be prepared if required.

Please contact us if you are thinking to purchase a site and you need a professional advice.

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