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Originally conceived in 2010 by Rosario Russo as a means of self- expression and utopia, Terrarossa Project became an organised entity in 2012 after an enlightening discussion with friend and colleague John Parker.

Today Terrarossa Project is an established practice of like-minded professionals including Architects, Chartered Surveyors, Interior Designers and specialist consultants, who share a common interest in delivering high quality, innovative, sustainable design.

Over the years, the wide range of experience offered has seen the practice successfully complete numerous projects - offering services ranging from conceptual design to market completion. 


More recently, the introduction of Barnaby Chapman has enabled Terrarossa Project to expand its offering to include interior architecture and design, furthering the range of services available to our clients.

The fundamental aim of Terrarossa Project is professionalism and the delivery of quality and happiness to the clients with the ultimate goal of providing excellence in all of our projects.



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